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Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

By bkadm / June 27, 2016

Overall, if you can afford the price-tag, I would definitely recommend this as the best 20 inch fold-up bike we've looked at. This probably isn't the best option if you're on a tight budget, or if you're only going to use it once a year. But for those of you looking to invest in a quality machine, you couldn't do much better than the D7.


First off, let's talk about weight and what it's made of. The bike is made from a lightweight, brushed aluminium, meaning it weighs around 26 pounds. This material is designed to be tough and durable, while still be light enough not to slow the bike down too much.

In terms of aesthetics, I like the way it looks, although it's definitely not my favorite. Ultimately, what you think will come down to your own tastes. But I can't imagine anyone looking at it and thinking it was hideous.

Riding the D7 is really easy, the ride is smooth, and shifting gears is trouble free. Because it's a 7 speed (clue's in the name) it offers a lot more versatility than single speed bikes. You can use it for everything from a quiet commute into town, to a race up a steep hill. The Mariner has 20 inch wheels, but despite this it folds up into a compact 25.6" x 12.6" x 31.1". So it's light enough to take out with you, and small enough to store in a cramped apartment as well. The best of both worlds!

In terms of comfort, the Mariner scores very highly. Not only is the seat comfortable, but both it and the handles are fully adjustable. This means you can easily get them to the perfect height for you.

You can use this bike for pretty much whatever you want. Want something you can take on your daily commute? The D7 is light, folds up quickly (just 25 seconds), and is small enough for you to store right under your desk.

It's also fast enough to keep up with friends, and is comfortable enough to ride for long periods without stopping.


If there's any downside to this bike, then it's the price, which is more than you were probably hoping to pay for a 20 inch wheel bike. However, this is a brilliant model and I would recommend you consider it an investment. It's likely to last an extremely long time, and will save you a lot of time and effort looking for other bikes should your cheaper model break down. It's also very reliable, which is so important when thinking about the daily commute. You need something that you can guarantee will work. Every single day. The Mariner offers this peace of mind.

Overall then, this is a really phenomenal 20 inch fold-up. While it's pricier than most of the alternatives, it's definitely the best-made model we've looked at, and it's versatility makes it perfect for a frequent user. No matter what exactly you're planning to use it for.


Our Rating



Build Quality


Riding Experience





- Extremely comfortable

- The addition of the extra gears makes it easy to pedal up hill

- The height of both the handlebars and the seat is fully adjustable

- It's light, folds up quick, and folds into a compact space as well. So it's perfect for commutes

- The Mariner is resistant to rust

- Looks good


- Rolling the bike in its folded state is tough, so you might have to carry it instead

- The bike frame isn’t rust proof

- Pricey

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