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Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike Review

By bkadm / June 27, 2016

The Speed Uno is (you might have guessed this from the name) a single speed, fold-up, and relatively lightweight option from Dahon. It's definitely one of the better bikes we've looked at, although it won't be perfect for everyone either. Read on to find out more.


The first thing we're going to talk about is the weight of this model, it weighs just 24lbs which is not bad at all for a fold up bike. The material used for making the frame is SuperLite Chrome which makes the bike extremely strong, while still being light enough to fold up and carry around with you. The weight makes this model extremely portable, and means that if you have to carry your bike around for some reason, that you very easily can.

Dahon Speed Uno foldable bike is a comfortable bike with a cool design. Another thing that makes this folding bike great is safety.

The Uno has a double latch system which provides a high level of security. Every latch has an extra lock that ensures that the bike doesn't just fall to bits. The latching system uses the magnets to keep the bike neatly together, and prevent accidents.

If you're not a fan of cables and think they ruin the overall appearance of a bike, then you'll love this model, because it hasn't got any at all. It's also pretty stylish looking anyway, and is definitely one of the better looking bikes I've had my hands on


The Speed Uno is relatively quick (at least for a single speed) and is nice and comfortable to ride. So it gets top marks there. It's also durable, and doesn't scratch easily as well as holding together extremely tightly. Build quality is often something people are concerned about when it comes to folding bikes, but it's no issue here.

Because the Dahon is so light, and rides so well, there are bound to be some downsides. But there's only 2 that I can think of. Firstly, it's more expensive than most of the other bikes we've looked at. Having said that, Dahon are a premium brand and I think for what they offer they're very fairly priced. Secondly, this is a single speed. This means it's not as versatile as multi-speed bikes and is best used on flat(ish) ground. Apart from those two slight downsides, this bike is phenomenal.


Our Rating



Build Quality


Riding Experience





- It looks cool (kind of like a ninja's bike)

- It's well made and durable, won't just fall apart after a month

- The bicycle is lightweight and compact

- The extra safety precautions mean you can ride it in confidence

- Rides brilliantly on flat roads

- Comfortable to ride


- Comes without either a fender or mudguards

- The coaster brake requires you to pedal backwards in order to stop, something most people won't be used to

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