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Hasa F2 Sram 6-Speed Folding Bike Review

By bkadm / June 27, 2016

What we have here, is a quality folding bike at a very respectable price. This is definitely the kind of bike that you could be a little more aggressive with, you could bike down trails, power up some steep inclines, and use it to commute into work too. In other words, it rides well and it's very versatile.


What I like most about this bike, is the wide range of situations you can use it in. Unlike some of the other models we've looked at, it's got a ton of different gears and can go pretty quick too. This means you could use it for mountain biking one day, and then take it to the shops the next. 

The HASA is a 6 speed. It comes with 20 inch tires and weighs 27.5lbs. Honestly, it's not the prettiest bike I've ever seen, and there are some other bikes we've looked at that I think look much better. However, in terms of comfort, this bike performs extremely well. The seat is soft and the handlebars are placed into a very natural position. With some bikes I've picked up shoulder pain from being constantly hunched forwards, but with this bike the handlebars put me in a comfortable position, and I've completely avoided this.

folding bicycle

You could use the F2 in a load of different ways. It's good for commuting (I managed to fold it up in 15 seconds) and is comfortable enough to ride for long periods of time too. In addition, the multiple gears means that you can tackle hills too, and make it a faster bike than single speed options.

One issue I have is that it's quite a small bike. The instructions say that it's suitable for heights of up to 6'1 but I'm 5'10 and it already seemed quite cramped. So if you're taller than me it might not be ideal.


The F2 goes pretty fast, I was able to get up decent speeds both on flat roads and going up hills. So if you're planning to do something a little quicker than a leisurely ride around town, then the HASA could definitely do that.

In terms of durability, this bike performs pretty well. It certainly seems tough to me, and the brand has a good reputation. In addition, I've spent plenty of hours riding this thing around and I've noticed no dip in performance. So at the very least it's rugged enough to take my weight (I did have to readjust the seat though).



Our Rating



Build Quality


Riding Experience





Riding is easy, the bike's very versatile and it's comfortable to ride as well

- The frame is quite solid

- The folding/unfolding process takes only 15 seconds

- The bike comes with mudguards and other accessories.


- I found that the gears didn't change all that smoothly or quickly

- Regular maintenance of the gears, brakes and pedals are required for peak performance

- A strap is necessary for the wheels

- I don't think it's the best looking bike I've ever ridden. Having said that it's not an eyesore either

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