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Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike Review

By bkadm / June 27, 2016

I really liked this bike, it's a more relaxed alternative to some of the faster bikes we've been looking at. But it's still quick enough to take into town, it's also one of cheaper fold up bikes available. So if you're short for cash and want something that'll get you noticed, this might be the one for you.


The first thing you probably noticed about the Loop is the way that its body curves downwards, instead of in a straight line like most bikes. This is because it's more of a city style bike, as opposed to a racing or mountain bike. It's designed so you can put your feet flat on the floor, but still be able to fully extend your legs to pedal. This means you can be riding along, stop for a couple of minutes comfortably while staying on your bike, and then carry straight on.

The seat height is completely adjustable which makes it suitable for a wide range of riders. Because it's cheap it's not the lightest bike, weighing in at 32lbs, but it folds up into a fairly compact size, so while carrying it around might not be all that easy, storing it will be.

The Schwinn's cool 'city' aesthetic won't just turn heads, it's also super comfortable too. No more perching on your toes every time you come to a stop. Because of it's height, you'll be able to put your feet flat on the floor instead. Great for just hanging out and taking in the sites!

Even though it has 7 different speed settings, you can tell from just looking at it that the Loop wasn't designed to be breaking land speed records. Having said that, it's not a slow bike by any means. But it's probably best enjoyed cruising around a city, or taking a lazy weekend ride through a park. You could easily use it for a comfortable commute to work though, and you'd be the most stylish rider for sure.


So it's comfortable, rides well, and folds up easily too. It also looks great! However, it's not quite perfect, there are two (admittedly small) issues that you'll want to be aware of before putting your hand in your pocket. Firstly, it's not the lightest fold-up bike. Although this is to be expected because it's pretty cheap. Secondly, the saddle that comes with it is pretty hard, I swapped mine out for a softer one and had a great time riding it. If you've got sensitive buttocks you might want to do the same.

I really like this one. It's cheap, looks awesome and as long as you get a softer seat, it's ridiculously comfortable to ride. As discussed, this is not a racing bike, but it's much quicker that you'd think. So even if you do take it on a ride with friends, you can be sure they won't leave you in the dust.


Our Rating



Build Quality


Riding Experience





- Looks seriously cool (almost like a motorbike chopper)

- It's very affordable

- Safe and durable brakes

- Sturdy aluminum frame that can withstand rough treatment

- Comes with a nylon bag to carry it in


- The seat that comes with it is seriously tough. Unless you've got buns of steel you'll probably want a different one instead

- The bike only comes in one color (black)

- A bungee cord is required to keep the tires together in the folded state

- Heavier than the competition

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